Bridges Racing: Breaking News 10/14/2017

BREAKING NEWS – Piotr Więcek wins Formula Drift’s final round in Irwindale! Champion James Deane. on the podium!

Polish FD Rookie Piotr Więcek won the eighth and final round of the season after a fantastic final against Dai Yoshihara with teammate and freshly crowned Champion, James Deane, finishing in third.

By completing his Top 32 solo Bye Run, Worthouse Drift Team’s James Deane officially sealed the 2017 Formula Drift Title in Irwindale.

Celebrating his 26th Birthday today, the Irishman is now looking to go all in and try and chase a record-breaking fifth victory of the season.

What a year! Well done, Champion!

Repost: Worthouse. Drift Team FB

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