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Tuesday April 10, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – April 10, 2018 – Bridges Racing and Dean Kearney is proud to announce our continued partnership with ORACLE Lighting for 2018 Formula Drift season Black Magic Pro Championship.

“ORACLE Lighting is looking forward to the start of our 6th season of partnership with Dean Kearney as the title sponsor of the ORACLE Lighting Dodge Viper in the Formula Drift Series. Dean and the crew at Bridges racing have been great to work with over the years and have continued to be true brand ambassadors for ORACLE Lighting since the beginning” said Justin Hartenstein, Director of Research & Development at ORACLE Lighting. “The Viper has always been an impressive vehicle but this year the team has put together an exceptional build which we are all excited to see make its debut in competition” he added, referring to the new Viper chassis set for its debut for 2018 season.

Dean “Karnage” Kearney, who will continue his partnership with Bridges Racing in 2018 season, is looking forward to building on his 12th place finish in the 2017 final standings. “I am delighted to be preparing to embark on our 6th year with ORACLE lighting as Title sponsor of our program, both in Formula Drift and Global activations we have planned for 2018. ORACLE lighting has been the back bone of our program for many seasons and a pleasure to work with” said Kearney.

“The Bridges Racing team have had a new car in the making for me with two years now and we are all excited to see the performance upgrades and what we can strive to achieve in it this season. This new car will become the flagship car of the fleet and wear the ORACLE lighting colours with pride. Here’s to a successful season in 2018 and we hope to see many you of at the track throughout the year”.

“I’m happy and fortunate to be working with ORACLE lighting again for our 6thseason. They are a huge part of our program and involved in a lot of the behind the scenes aspects of the team. I’m excited to implement more of their products into the new build, to really showcase a lot of the unique abilities and uses of their lighting” said team owner Bryan Bridges.

After much anticipation, the Bridges Racing team and Kearney will be debuting the long awaited “002” Twin turbo charged Dodge Viper chassis at Formula Drift Round 2 – Orlando Speedworld in Orlando, FL on April 27th & 28th. The 002, rumored to be pushing close to 1500HP is getting its final prep at our shop in Huntington Beach, CA. After two years of research and testing, we are confident that the 002 Twin turbo Dodge Viper will be the machine to put Kearney back on the Formula Drift podium.


Bridges Racing 07/06/2017

We’ve added a car to the stable for Dean Karnage Kearney to drive at international and demo events. Can’t wait to go through it more and build a #2JZ with BC Brian Crower parts and add a Honeywell Garrett turbo to maximize its potential.
by Paddy McGrath at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Oracle Lighting Achilles Tires USA Ravenol 360 Wraps
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Bridges Racing 06/24/2017


A fully-built supercharged V10 with a dash of nitrous makes drifting real fun.



Bridges Racing 06/19/2017

2017 Formula DRIFT Round 4: The Gauntlet – Wall Speedway
Wall, NJ June 2 – 3, 2017
[fb_plugin video href= width=600] You may not always get the result you want, but that’s the sport of drifting. What’s important is to never stop pushing and never forget having fun! Take a peek on how Bridges Racing x Worthouse. Drift Team fam does both
Video by: Sean Alessi

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Formula DRIFT Atlanta 2017 – Super Street Magazine 05/23/2017

Formula Drift Round 4 is 10 days away, but first.. check out #FDATL coverage by Super Street Magazine!

James Deane. Dean Karnage Kearney Piotr Więcek Worthouse. Drift Team Oracle Lighting Worthouse

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The hype is real — Irishman James Deane mops up Round 3 in the 2JZ-powered Worthouse Nissan S15. Story by Bob Hernandez : 📸 credit David Karey – May 22, 2017

Read the article here:

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Formula DRIFT 2017 Season – ORACLE Lighting, Achilles Radial Dodge Viper

Yesterday was a good day.. Little Shake down test for 001 at Willow Springs after its refresh. Now installing the new wrap will commence for the weekend.. #teamkarnage #dk43 #policecar #1000hpclub
Finial prep before the season opening media day tomorrow at Long Beach.. @360wraps are in town wrapping our cars and rigs right now.. Big shout out to Avery Dennison for the support on this project. Always a pleasure working with global brands. #teamkarnage #dk43 #averydennison #wraps #dk43 #fdlb
Found this picture in my phone looking for something. This pic taken from a few weeks back when re-assembly started on the 002’s crazy how far drift builds have come and the extent we tear these cars down. The Bridges Racing crew representing some of the world leading brands we work hand in hand with.. #barebones of a Viper chassis. #teamkarnage #dk43 #drifting #racecar #raceshop #viper #turbos #hpsperformance
Got our @treadstoneperformance intercooler fitted into the engine bay and piped up to the @turbobygarrett #gtx4088r turbos. The Treadstone stuff Is really nice quality and easy to work with and weld. #treadstoneperformance #turbolife #turbosmart #turbobygarrett #hpsperformance #millerwelds
The interior of the #Viper is coming together nicely. The @sikkymanufacturing e-brake is a really nice piece. #Sparco #sikky #hpsperformance #aem #treadstoneperformance #radiumengineering #turbolife #turbobygarrett #turbosmart #igniteracingfuel #achilles #360wraps #specclutch #mooresport #rsiracing #aprperformancecarbon
We got a shipment of @hpsperformance hoses and piping and @dangerdan3 is doing a pretty clean job of snaking it past the @radiumengineering #fcst #oraclelights #radiumengineering #turbolife #turbobygarrett #specclutch #turbosmart #achillestires #achillesradial #igniteracingfuel #hpsperformance
Just about have my new office set up for 2017… I’m super happy with how this turned out and love the clean carbon fiber look. It’s the first car in 8years I’ve sat in that the driving position is 100% how I want it.. now I’m getting excited to drive it. #teamkarnage #dk43 #fd2017 #viper #racecar #oraclelights
Really happy to be working with the guys at @mooresport. It’s pretty neat how they took all our ideas and previous designs, plugged them into a computer and fixed all the flaws and produced amazing pieces like these. Easier to drive, less failures and quicker to replace in the event of any #Karnage. #cnc #fabrication #welding #overnightpartsfromcanada #prettyneat #viper